Full steam ahead!


It’s been a while since my last blogpost.. so time to put down some retrospective thoughts about what happened lately. Last few months have been like a giant roller coaster. But unlike most roller coasters in a theme park, with this one, you have no idea where it’s heading too. Nevertheless, I like it, a lot! The amazing thing is, all those long hours of hard work, only gave me even more energy to put into the projects I’m building along with my best friends at Zenjoy.

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Inspiring Offices Around The World


Where you work is very important, to every human being. It needs to be a place where you can draw inspiration from, where you get energy from as well as get relaxed, in short: where you can be simply happy to work. As I want to build Zenjoy into a company that make both employees and customers happy, here are some pictures of offices that inspire me everyday to go forward with my entrepreneurial plans and take action.

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Taking The Plunge


For years I’ve been trying to find my thing, my niche, my goal in life, the something I was really good at and enjoyed doing all day long. And a couple of years ago I finally found it in the form of web and graphical design. It started out as a hobby, making small websites here and there, and making graphical designs for posters and flyers for events around the city. Slowly I learned more, read more, and developed more… And then I started in my first job.

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Hello World!


I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for a long long time… well, today finally is the day I’m starting one. Along with the launch of my new personal website, I quickly put this little blog together. It’s all quite new and still far from finished, but it’s a start.

A lot of my energy is nowadays going to my first clients and of course Cuicit and Zenjoy. But in the coming weeks I will gradually finish all bits and pieces of this site and you can expect regular notes and thoughts about my experiences through work and life as a entrepreneur and freelance designer.

Stay tuned, because this is just the beginning! ;-)

All the best and see you soon,